Reagecon is a manufacturer of Chemical & Physical Standards, Consumables & Equipment and Chemicals traceable to NIST. 

Products Include:

Electrochemistry Standards

  • pH Buffer solutions
  • Conductivity standards
  • Chemical oxygen demand
  • Ion selective electrode standards
  • Redox Standards
  • Turbidity Standards
  • Ionic strength Adjustors

Anion and Cation Standards

  • ICP-MS, ICP-OES standards
  • Atomic Absorption standards
  • Flame photometry standards
  • Ion chromatography standards

General Laboratory Reagents and standards

pH standards


Reagecon’s pH buffer standards are directly traceable to the IUPAC pH scale by an unbroken chain of traceability. Reagecon achieve this traceability through a series of comparisons, with the key reference materials being Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) manufactured by NIST.

Conductivity standards


Reagecon is the world’s largest producer of conductivity standards and is credited with the invention of low level aqueous standards. This low range of standards includes 1.3μS ±0.5μS – the lowest aqueous conductivity standard available worldwide.



Reagecon manufacture an extensive range of aqueous AA Standards. These include standards for the measurement of the most common alkali and transition metals.

Spectrophotometry standards



  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Traceable
  • Produced with salts sourced directly from NIST where applicable
  • All standards certified at multiple slit widths
  • Certified measurement uncertainties
  • Consistency of product – Independent, Traceable, Certified
ICP Standards


Reagecon have been manufacturing Inorganic Standards, Controls and Calibrators for Spectroscopy.

Whether your application is ICP-MS, ICP-OES or whether you require a single element or multi-element mixture, our products are manufactured, tested and stabilised to such a high level, that they can be used on all of these instruments.