VELP Scientifica a global leading provider of laboratory instruments and analytical solutions.

Products Include:


  • BOD Analysis
  • COD Analysis
  • Elemental Analyzers -Nitrogen/Protein Determination
Digital Multiposition Heating Magnetic Stirrers



  • Synchronous stirring and heating of 6 and 15 positions
  • Homogeneous temperature up to 120°C for all positions
  • CerAlTop™ plate ensures easy cleaning and maximum resistance
  • VELP brushless motor ensures longevity and guarantees constant speed in all positions
  • SpeedServo™ technology maintains speed constant when viscosity changes
Heating Plates


Heating plates are extremely safe, simple and affordable instruments with a long life-span.

Magnetic Stirrers


Magnetic stirrers offer solutions for diversified laboratory applications and the highest safety standards available on the market, with sample volumes ranging from 250 ml to 25 liters.

Vertex Digital Thermoregulators
  • Wireless technology and data logging for the first time on a Vertex Digital Thermoregulator.
  • Suitable for many applications where an accurate temperature control and setting is required.
  • Fuzzy Logic technology automatically adjusts thermoregulation to power, load and thermal dispersion.
Overhead Stirrers
  • Brushless motorensuring constant torque through all the speed range.
  • IP 54 Protection, the highest protection rate to resist the toughest environment.
  • SmartChuck™to change the shaft easily without any tool.
Vortex Mixers


VELP Scientifica has developed a wide range of vortex mixers suitable for mixing substances in any shape or size of test-tube thanks to the orbital movement of the rubber cup and many accessories/attachments.

OV5 Homogenizors


The ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing and mixing biological tissues (cells, animal and vegetable tissues), pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food products.

Elemental Analyzers -Nitrogen/Protein Determination





VELP Scientifica elemental analyzers are the ideal solution for Carbon and Nitrogen determination according to the combustion method for testing both solid and liquid samples.

BOD Analysis


The most convenient way to get reliable results automatically for BOD analysis. Data management and reporting become incredibly intuitive with the wireless data transmission to the exclusive BODSoft™.

COD Analysis


VELP Scientifica ECO thermoreactors are suitable for COD analysis and for sample preparation for a wide range of applications.