SmartLabtech offers Services designed to meet your needs while on installation, maintenance, Calibration services inorder to minimize the full repair coverage. Our team of experienced, factory-trained, certified service technicians are committed to support your service needs. Our professional service engineers are available for you throughout India.

SmartLabtech boasts an extensive customer service network, to guarantee you competent assistance on site, anywhere, any time. And, of course, our friendly customer service experts are always available for personal consultation, too. We serve customers around India – with service contracts and a full range of services.

Our extensive suite of services combined with our technical and regulatory expertise make us the preferred choice. Our integrated service offering is underpinned by a commitment to providing excellent customer service.

For Better Performance
Service life cycle management is a critical element in  pharma, biopharma, university, or food & beverage industries, while purchasing an equipment. Service life cycle management starts with the proper installation of the equipment and basic user training, which is followed by routine preventative maintenance visits. These services will increase the longevity of the unit, while reducing d
owntime and limiting product loss.
Services Offered:
Smart offers On-site Service to save you the time and trouble of packing your instruments and shipping them to us for repair and calibration. Our factory trained technicians will come to your facility to perform minor repairs, calibration services as well as provide you with a report detailing what services were performed on each instrument. 

When you need Professional support!
Our team is on hand to provide technical guidance and support in the unlikely event that instrument problems might arise. We conveniently manage the logistics to quickly provide you with original spare parts, if needed.
If you have questions about our service offerings or are in need of technical support, we are here for you. Just provide detailed information in our contact form, and we will promptly get in touch with you.