Sartorius is involved in manufacturing  laboratory water purification systems, industry-leading weighing technology, sophisticated solutions which includes liquid handling, fermentation, filtration, and fluid management.

Products Include:


  • Cubis Series
  • Cubis II
  • Secura Series
  • Practum Series
  • Quintix Series
  • Moisture Series
  • BSA
  • Weight Boxes

Water purification systems

Cubis II
  • 21 CFR
  • Audit Trial
  • Electronic log book
  • 100 user management



-Weighing capacities of up to 70 kg and readabilities from 0.1 μg to 1 g
Ultramicrobalances 0.0001 mg
-Microbalances 0.001 mg
-Semi-microbalances 0.01 mg
-Analytical Balances 0.1 mg
-Modularity -MSA -touch screen/ Colour TFT
-MSU-High resolution Monochrome graphic display
-MSE- Large high contrast liquid crystal display
-Advanced pharma compliance for use in regulated sectors
-Q level- the automatic motorized leveling function
-Q com – For unlimited Communication


 -Weighing Capacities upto 500gm in Analytical and 220gm in Semi Micro
 -six-decimal-place accuracy down to the lowest analytical weighing ranges.
-Compliance in regulated areas
-Advanced pharma compliance operation
-isocal feature gives temp free influences on accuracy
-password protection
– Large colour TFT display


-Semi-micro to 1g
-isocal feature gives temp free influences on accuracy
-GLP/GMP Compliant printout
-PC-Direct feature for data transfer to a computer
-Economic models
 -Large colour TFT display


-0.1 mg to 1g
-Economic models
-ISO GLP compliant printout
-Large colour TFT display


-0.1 mg to 0.1 g
-Backlit and High contrast display
-ISO GLP compliant printout

Moisture Series

-0.1 mg to 1g
-Time saving & Conveninet alternative to a drying oven
-Adjustable temperature range
-GLP Compliant printout
-Different Analysis modes
-Display mode for results available in different parameters

Weight Boxes

-OIML Approved
-Available in E1/E2/F1/F2 Classification
-With DKD/ NABL Certification
-Available in polygonal/ wire weight in mg contents
-Available in wooden boxes/ Aluminium cases for weight sets

Water purification systems

-Type 1 Lab Water Systems
-Type 2 Lab Water Systems
-Type 3 Lab Water Systems
-Combined  Lab Water Systems
-More Flexibility
-Benchtop Unit
-Remote Dispenser with Stand
-Wall-mounted Unit
-Built-in Unit
-Multifunctional Stand
-Remote Dispenser with Wall-mounting Plate