INTERSCIENCE has been providing high-quality equipment for microbiology, especially designed for quick and safe analyses in quality control.

Products Include:

Sample preparation with Bag system

  • Blender Bags
  • Gravimetric Dilutors
  • Lab Blenders
  • Bag Mixer Packs
  • Lab accessories
  • Dispensing Pumps
  • Autoclave Deodorants
  • Bag system

Bacterial enumeration with Plate and Count system

  •  Automatic dilutor and plater
  • Automatic spiral platers
  • Automatic colony counters
  • Inhibition zone readers
  • Manual Colony counters
Sample preparation with BagSystem®

BagSystem® is a full range of products for the quick and safe preparation of the sample before its microbiological or chemical analysis with:

 BagFilter® : filter and plain sterile blender bags range
 DiluFlow®: gravimetric dilutors range  
 BagMixer®: lab blenders range  
 BagTools®: lab accessories range

Bacterial enumeration with Plate & Count System®


Plate and Count System® enables automatic plating and colony counting with full traceability

 Automatic sample platers

3 models available : easySpiral®, easySpiral Pro® and easySpiral Dilute® 

 Automatic colony counters
3 models available: Scan® 300, Scan® 500, Scan® 1200